Empowering the addicted with the tools for a lifetime of recovery.

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Each productive life enriches us all.

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Enabling men and women to lead productive lives free from addiction.

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Providing support in a safe, therapeutic environment.

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Where the lost find recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

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Our Stories

Bridge House Resident

My name is Mark D.  I am currently a client at Bridge House.  At the age of 53, I never imagined spending my golden years in a drug and alcohol treatment facility.  For over 35 years I have swallowed, smoked, snorted, or shot anything and everything that would let me escape from reality.  Drugs and alcohol have taken...

Grace House Resident

My life has been difficult.  I have the typical story of many an alcoholic/addict.  I was no stranger to abuse and trauma at a young age.  However, these things pale in comparison to the abuse which I inflicted upon myself while I was using.  I did not respect myself.  Over the years the consequences of this horrific...

Our Alumni

My name is Johnny T., and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. My sobriety date is January 19, 2001—that is the day I walked through the doors of Bridge House and my life changed for the better, forever. As I walked through the archway of the front doors on Camp St., I had a strong feeling of relief that everything...