Empowering the addicted with the tools for a lifetime of recovery.

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Each productive life enriches us all.

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Enabling men and women to lead productive lives free from addiction.

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Providing support in a safe, therapeutic environment.

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Where the lost find recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

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Our Stories

Bridge House Resident

When I began my journey at Bridge House I was physically, mentally, and spiritually broken. I had fallen so far in such a short time in my life. Drugs and alcohol had become my master, and I had fully lost the power of choice to even think, feel, or act on my own. I remember waking up one day by the New Orleans Mission,...

Grace House Resident

I am no stranger to treatment centers and I’m no stranger to Grace House. I am 51 years old registered nurse, divorced and the mother of 3 wonderful kids.  I like to read, garden and decorate.  I volunteered at my kid’s schools and took them on vacation to the beach and the mountains.  I had a good life.  The problem,...

Our Alumni

I am a 34 year old alcoholic/addict who thought my life was completely hopeless.  I was adopted and grew up in Ascension parish.  I have two older brothers who are not biological, and my family structure was stable and successful.  I have always been very close to my immediate and extended family.  My extended family...