Christmas Dinner for the Homeless

Bridge House / Grace House hosts three dinners each year to provide a traditional holiday meal, toiletries, clothing, and fellowship to homeless and indigent individuals and/or residents.

Sunday, December 17, 2017
11:00 AM-1:00 PM

Each year Bridge House / Grace House hosts three dinners.  These three events provide a traditional holiday meal, toiletries, clothing from the Bridge House / Grace House Thrift Stores, and fellowship to the homeless and indigent population of the Greater New Orleans Area.  The dinners also help to raise awareness—within the homeless and indigent population—of the substance abuse treatment services provided by Bridge House / Grace House.

Volunteer at the Event

Volunteer spots for the 2017 Christmas Dinner Event have been filled. Contact Felice Delahoussaye at for information about the 2017 Waitlist.
The volunteer spots for 2018 will fill up quickly, and you must register in advance to ensure your participation. Volunteers participate from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. We will begin taking volunteer requests for 2018 in October for the Christmas event. Contact Felice Delahoussaye at or 504-821-7288 for more information about volunteering.

Donate Food, Disposable Food Service Items, Toiletries, or Clothing

Please contact Stephanie Clary at or 504-821-7134 to learn more about the items needed to make this event a success.

Make a Cash Donation

Your donation will help underwrite our dinners for those in need as well as our substance abuse treatment program, which is provided to more than 700 homeless, indigent, uninsured, or unemployed men and women per year. Donate using the form below.


2018 Bridge House / Grace House dinners for those in need include:

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Each donation level provides necessary services to homeless/indigent individuals and/or our residents. You can also indicate another amount as a special gift.


We will begin taking requests for 2018 in October for the Christmas event. Questions? Email

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