Alumni of Bridge House / Grace House are grateful for the chance at recovery they were given and look back on the experience as nothing short of life changing.  They are appreciative of that experience and demonstrate their love and support of our continued mission in many different ways.  The time they give back to Bridge House / Grace House far exceeds the brief time they were clients.

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For information about Alumni activities, updating your information with us, ways to contribute, or to make an annual or monthly donation – of any amount – to support the mission of Bridge House / Grace House, please contact Lauren Selenberg  at (504) 821-7141.

The Alumni contribute to the mission of Bridge House / Grace House through their personal interactions with the clients, participating in public or group forums/meetings, and in their many different efforts to help Bridge House / Grace House continue helping the homeless and/or indigent person receive long-term, residential treatment that is effective and progressive.

  • The Alumni mentor or sponsor residents, they attend the Spring through Fall Picnics, some drive clients to and from 12-step meetings throughout the area.
  • They also conduct bi-weekly panel discussion meetings, moderate the weekly Sunday morning “Old Timers” AA meeting, and periodically sit in on client therapeutic groups.  Alumni are also encouraged to come and celebrate yearly sobriety anniversaries by coming back to pick up “chips” and share their experience, strength and hope.
  • The Alumni help to keep the doors open for the still sick and suffering addict or alcoholic by contributing personal stories of success in recovery to the quarterly newsletters, which is important in spreading the message to the general public that successful recovery can begin at Bridge House / Grace House
  • They are valuable resources because of their efforts in helping to raise money through the Fund Raising Committees, and their help in raising money, planning, and participating in the many special events hosted by Bridge House / Grace House is the reason those events are successful.
  • One of the most effective ways Alumni contribute to Bridge House / Grace House is their participation in periodic surveys about their lives after transitioning from Bridge House / Grace House.  This is vital information that is used by the clinical department in helping to determine the long term efficacy of the treatment program.
  • Some Alumni have gone on to become staff members where they are in a unique position to help clients, shape policy, and keep the doors open for the indigent and/or homeless person who is suffering from the disease of addiction.

Our Alumni are ambassadors and role models in the community, and although the community will never know that a person was a client in Bridge House / Grace House, society will know that the person is a healthy, happy, contributing member of their community – and that is the ultimate mission of Bridge House / Grace House.