Hurricane Evacuation Plan

All Bridge House / Grace House residents are informed that Bridge House / Grace House will be closed in the event that the City of New Orleans calls an evacuation.

All residents of Bridge House / Grace House are encouraged to develop a hurricane evacuation plan during hurricane season.  Each resident’s hurricane evacuation plan is placed in their chart.  Every resident is asked to identify an individual that they will be able to evacuate with in the event that the city calls an evacuation. A generic form has been created to assist with this plan. Bridge House / Grace House staff suggest that residents speak to family members, friends, 12 Step sponsors or members of the AA program regarding possible options for emergency shelter. If no plans can be made, Bridge House / Grace House agrees to ensure such clients know the location of pick points for the City’s Assisted Evacuation Plan, and direction for the Evacuee Processing Center.

Each resident will sign a hurricane discharge form if a mandatory evacuation is ordered. Once Bridge House / Grace House calls for a Hurricane Discharge they waive all responsibility for each residents well-being, although every effort will be made to direct those clients without suitable transportation to the designated assisted evacuation sites.

When a Hurricane Watch is declared for the New Orleans Area:

  • Bridge House / Grace House residents are encouraged to contact the individuals they plan to evacuate with to confirm their evacuation plan.

When a Hurricane Warning is declared for the New Orleans Area:

  • Clients will have the opportunity to voluntarily evacuate with family even if no mandatory evacuation has been called by the City of New Orleans. Instructions detailing time frame for returning to Bridge House / Grace House after the event before discharge will be enacted, will be provided at time of departure.


  • Clients will be given an e-mail address to reach the Chief Executive Officer and other key personnel, in the event that clients are not allowed reentry. Bridge House / Grace House clients can e-mail the Chief Executive Officer at  All clients are encouraged to e-mail the CEO with contact information.

Recovery – Reentry:

  • After the hurricane, Bridge House / Grace House clients should monitor the news media to determine when citizens are allowed reentry into the City of New Orleans.
  • Communication failures are often a problem following hurricanes.  Phone systems often go down, cell phones don’t work, and staff does not have access to their Bridge House / Grace House e-mail. Clients will be asked to e-mail to schedule a date for re-admission. Clients can attempt to reach Else Pedersen at (504) 821-7122.

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