July 29, 2013

Bridge House / Grace House Launches Capital Campaign for Women’s Clinic

Donate: Grace House Women’s Medical Clinic

  Grace House focuses on the unique needs of women in recovery including the areas of trauma, self-esteem, parenting, and healthy relationships. It is the only facility exclusively for women in the Greater New Orleans area. Our residents have practiced high risk behaviors that increase incidence of sexually transmitted infections and certain cancers. These behaviors include:

Currently, our residents experience the following barriers to receiving healthcare:

Our Vision is to create a female friendly women’s clinic at the Grace House location on Camp Street so that all Grace House residents may receive timely treatment, health education, and preventative health screenings. In order to accomplish this vision, we are embarking on a $100,000 fundraising campaign. With this funding, we will begin a Tulane Medical Student-run women’s clinic at the Grace House facility on Camp Street. This clinic will better address our population’s physical and mental health needs through prevention, education and treatment. We invite you to help make this vision a reality by making a financial contribution to Bridge / Grace House for our Women’s Clinic.  You can donate by contacting Anne Springer at aspringer@bridgehouse.org or 504-821-7134.  You can also donate online via the PayPal link below:

Clicking the link below will take you to the Donations page.

Donate: Grace House Women’s Medical Clinic

Women’s Clinic Capital Campaign Committee:

  • Purva Amar
  • Bryce Beard
  • Kelly Commander
  • Kitty Davis
  • Walton Goldring
  • Nicole Goudeau
  • Shirly Goudeau
  • Meghan Harwell
  •  Hui Jin Hebert
  • Nikki Jodry
  • Karen Kersting
  • Carroll Morton
  • Deborah Pope
  • Kimberly Rogers
  • Suzanne Rusovich
  • Darnell Shuart
  • Angelle Verges
  • Bonnie Wilson
  • Nanci Zhang

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