A Life Changing Experience

My name is Nancy and I am an alcoholic. I was raised in a middle class family. Neither of my parents have a problem with drugs or alcohol. I started drinking when I was 16. During high school, it was mostly just on the weekends and for fun. I was awarded a full athletic college scholarship. I managed to control my drinking for two years but then decided to return home.

I was able to settle down and have a family–one daughter and two sons. I worked throughout their childhood and somehow managed to continue maintaining my drinking. As they got older, my drinking picked up. Things continued to get worse and I eventually started not showing up for work at all, picking my kids up late from practice and dances, and spending what little money I had on alcohol.

I became a prisoner to alcohol and my life fell to pieces. I was hopeless, tired, confused, angry, sick and very unhealthy. My parents took over my role as parent to my children. I drank all day, every day until I passed out. My family no longer talked to me.

On January 13th, I asked God to help me because I couldn’t stop drinking on my own. The next morning, I made the decision to come to Grace House. I wanted a new life and a new happiness.

I am growing at Grace House every day. I have learned how to work with others, be punctual, do the next right thing and have compassion for others. I enjoy going to 12-Step meetings, working with my sponsor and the fellowship of my peers. The feeling of love among sober women is powerful and amazing. One of the best days of my life was when I was voted Leader of our Therapeutic Community!

I have been here at Grace House for five months and I am now attending the Work-Pack program–which gives me training and education to get back in the working world. I am going to finish and then go and get me a job.

I am so very grateful for this opportunity. My relationship today with my family, especially my children, is beautiful and continues to grow. I can never say enough about this program and how Grace House has completely changed my life forever! Goodbye Alcohol.

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