I started using when I was 15 years old.  It quickly became my favorite hobby pushing everything else in my life to the side.  As I used more and more, the drugs became my identity.  I quickly went from an honor roll student playing all sports, to getting kicked out of school and dropping all extracurricular activities.  Many problems surfaced as a result and my life fell apart. It occurred on so many occasions that it felt normal.  Using had a power over me that I could not control no matter where I went or what I did.  The drugs were my answer for everything, my best friend and my lover.  My life! It took a lot for me to finally want to get clean and I didn’t come into bridge house on my own accord.  I had to be forced into this by getting arrested awaiting my 3rd felony conviction.  I detoxed for 9 days in Orleans Parish Prison before I came into Bridge House.  I was disgusted with how my life had turned out.  I was ready to make a change.  I finally became open minded and willing enough to take suggestions.  Bridge House told me to get a sponsor.  Once I did that he walked me through the steps.  The steps are what changed me.  They taught me to live by spiritual principles and to do the next right thing.    Through practicing these principles daily I now have a new perspective on life.  I wake up every day and am amazed at what I am capable of.  Each day I grow no matter how good or bad the day was.  I lived in hell for so long and finally have a taste of heaven.  For so long I hated myself and now finally have confidence and self-worth.  Peace of mind is my new drug of choice and working a program of recovery is the only way I can keep it.  Bridge House is a blessing and if a junkie like me can turn his life around anyone can.  Thank you Bridge House for breathing life back into me.  Before I came in I wasn’t living, just existing.

Alex L.


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