All Time Low

I entered Bridge House as a total wreck and as a person with no direction in life.  I had hit an all-time low, and the only thing that mattered to me was where and how I was going to get my next fix.  I hurt everyone that loved me and isolated the ones I loved the most. It has been a very hard process to get to where I am at today in my program, but, with the tools and core values I have learned here at Bridge House, I can live a happy and prosperous life clean and sober and have a lot of fun while doing so.  My new life that I have today is a direct result of working the 12 steps of AA and turning my will over to God.  I know if I practice these principles and take it one day at a time doing the next right thing I will continue to be happy and grow in all aspects of my life. I still have all my problems and real life issues today, but now I can face them head on and deal with life on life’s terms and take care of them properly.  Today I know without a shadow of a doubt there is a better way of living.  With the help of God and Bridge House, I am truly happy, joyous, and free. Forever Thankful, Chad. B

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