Bad Days Do Not Discriminate

I have been an addict since the age of 17, and I arrived at Grace House as a hopelessly lost soul.  I lost the fire that most people have burning inside of them to live healthy and productive lives.  Once it had burned out, it left behind the desire to chemically fix the longing for something to fill the hole I felt growing inside of me.  I became an emotionally bankrupt lesser version of myself.  I turned into a person who did things I could not fathom doing today.  I left behind a very loving family and two beautiful children to pick up a train-wreck of a mess. I have faced nothing harder than this opportunity Grace House has given me.  I face things without running.  I am learning the structure that a productive life consists of.  I now know that life is made up of good and bad—there is no escaping it.  Bad days do not discriminate against the using or the sober.  As I heard someone say one day in a meeting “your worst day sober is still better than your best day high.”  I believe that with all my heart and soul now. I have actual plans now that I have made for myself, and I know it’s only through this program, the 12 steps and the endless support I receive here that I actually have the ability to make them happen.  There are no pretty or clever words I can write to make you understand this, I am sure but every day I wake up, hit my knees and thank God for this life.   An addict like me never thought this was possible until facing life with the tools and acceptance this program is teaching me. Brittany C.

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