Bridge House gave me the break I needed

My name is Jeff, and I am an alcoholic. I have been sober, in recovery, since May 6, 2010, the day I checked into the substance abuse treatment program at Bridge House. That admission has not always been easy for me to make, even when I knew it to be true. In my mind I was not the ‘stereotypical’ alcoholic: I was a law school graduate with a promising future who had just had a string of bad luck, a young kid just making up for a mild college career by drinking and sometimes carrying it a little too far, who thought the drinking was something I could always turn off when the time called for it. Problem was that time never came. The night before taking the Louisiana Bar Exam, I was arrested for my second DWI. While sitting in jail, I concocted various ridiculous scenarios in my head how it would be ok. Somehow I managed to get released and passed the exam, but I still could not focus on living a productive life. I floundered along for another year or so managing to get by until one of my best friends sat down with me and forced me to take a look at the problems in my life: I was unable and unwilling to hold a steady job, a woman I didn’t realize I loved until it was too late had left, and I had just lost any sense of direction or drive.  It was a few days after meeting with him that he suggested Bridge House, and I told him I would be willing to give it a try. Problem was I did not make the attempt until he had Buzzy call me directly, and then I reluctantly agreed to go into the program. Bridge House gave me the break I needed to get my life back on track. I was able to take the time to work on my issues and learn about my disease while not having to worry about any outside issues in my life; I was able to focus solely on the drinking and the problems that led me to use alcohol as an escape. I was able to regain a sense of purpose. Bridge House has been instrumental in helping me find the tools needed to turn my life around, and I enjoy life today. The relationships I formed with my fellows in recovery, the counselors, and support staff have been vital to my turnaround; and I am eternally grateful. For this reason, I continue to give back whenever I can. Currently I serve on two event committees (come see our Fashion Show next January!),  ‘compete’ in the Mr. Legs fundraiser, and volunteer whenever time allows. Giving back helps to keep me sober, and I am completely willing to assist those who are entrenched in the same misery and despair I too once was in any way within my limits. The time and service pales little in comparison to the joy of having my life back. Jeff,  Age 32

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