Warning!  This may cause you to Lie, make irrational decisions, push your family away and lose your integrity. Maybe that’s what should be printed on the bottles of alcohol, but I am not sure that a warning would have stopped me from drinking.  I had been warned and told many times that my life was out of control; I still did not stop. The result of my drinking has brought about Guilt, Shame, Fear and Frustration. I almost gave up on myself, but with the help of my family and Bridge House I found a solution. I am grateful for a place Like Bridge house that continues to give me tools to help me grow in my recovery.

Today I have reconnected with the religion of my youth; I have integrity and realize the importance of my family.  I speak with my sponsor daily and work with him weekly.  I am growing daily by continuing to look at myself and by helping others who have helped me.

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