Dear Bridge House / Grace House Donors

At 44 months sober, I am still in awe of what you have done for me through Bridge House / Grace House. Before my arrival, I was on a path of destruction that was second to none. I was tired of fighting a battle I was convinced could not be won. The anger I felt at not being able to fight this on my own left me needing a referee just to look in the mirror. You took me in free of charge and rose to all of my challenges. You became my referee and when I veered off course, you never tired of throwing up a yellow flag.

Your constant guidance and care helped me realize that the only one holding me back was myself. The most significant thing you did for me was to put me in your Thrift Store as a cashier. I’d like to tell you, I’ll never forget my first customer, but in all honesty, I never looked up.  The hounds of guilt and shame would not allow me to look in ones eye and have a simple conversation. So as long as I looked down at my shoes, I sad that will be a $1.95. It was an akward transaction to say the least, but you kept faith in me and pushed me forward. As I started rebuilding self confidence, I also started to see that alcoholism and addiction was a battle that could be won with the right guidance. I wish I could coin a word or a phrase that would show my appreciation for the guidance that Bridge House so freely gave me.

In seven short months at Grace House, I was able to shake those hounds of guilt and shame. When I look in the mirror, I no longer need a referee, for today I see my friend. I would further like to thank Brige House / Grace House for the time they let me spend as the manager of their Thrift Store. It was with great honor to personally thank so many donors who made it possible for someone like me who would have otherwise never had a chance. At 45 years old, today I am a freshman in college pursuing a degree as a Liscensed Addiction Counselor.  What Bridge House and their donors have done for me is no less than amazing.

Thank you all,

Sandi N.

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