Eric L.

Alcoholism took almost everything from me. It took my wife, my business, my house, my car and virtually all my belongings. It even took my self-esteem, my health, my drive, my motivation, and my morals. I barely got away with my life. Every single relationship I ever had I destroyed. I could not keep a job. Before I slept under a bridge, I found Bridge House. This caring and educated environment is just what I needed.

By instituting a daily routine of strict discipline, Bridge House is slowly helping me renew my drive. Work therapy is assisting me with daily accomplishments, thus reviving my self-esteem and motivation to succeed. Classes, group therapy, and 12 step programs help me understand alcoholism. The next phase of the program will help me get back into the work force as a reliable employee. Using these tools I am learning how to live again. Bridge House is teaching me that I can have my life back without alcohol. It’s not too late. Eric L.

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