“Grace House saved my life which helped me save my Mom.”

I’m originally from Los Angeles, CA. I met my husband in CA, who had moved there from New Orleans after Katrina. I had been to rehab twice in CA, and was sober when we met. About a year later, I relapsed. I really didn’t grasp the gravity of the disease at the time. I don’t think I really believed I was an alcoholic. My husband was ready to come back to New Orleans, so we moved in November 2013. My alcoholism just continued to progress even further. My husband finally told me to get help, or I would no longer have a home. I did some research and found Grace House.

I had my first drink at 18 but my drinking really escalated when I went to college in Chicago and started working in the restaurant industry. Eventually, I was an everyday drinker. From the time I woke up until the time I passed out. I kept getting fired or not showing up for work. I would get so messed up, I would start having a panic attack and call 911 on myself. This led to numerous hospital stays and time in the psych ward.

Each and every one of my relationships were strained. When my husband and I moved to New Orleans, I didn’t know anyone which led to a lot of isolated drinking. I went to different stores all the time to buy my alcohol, because I was afraid that everyone would know how much I was drinking. My Mom was also diagnosed with kidney disease and was on dialysis during this time. I wasn’t able to be there for her at all. I couldn’t help myself, much less anyone else.

My relationships are excellent today. I was able to save my marriage. I speak to both of my parents every day. I just feel at peace. My life is no longer filled with chaos. I mean, coming from a place where I was calling 911 on myself, to now, it is night and day. It was not an easy process, but it was necessary for me. I learned how to build a solid foundation to maintain a life in recovery. I learned that I’m not perfect, and that’s ok. It was definitely humbling. I learned that I made mistakes but that I had a disease and it was treatable. I felt like there was no hope for so long, but Grace House introduced me to the Twelve Steps and I found a way out. I was able to let go of all the shame that I carried for so long.

I am so thankful for time at Grace House and how it has enabled me to turn my life around. Last October, I was able to donate one of my kidneys to my Mom, who was suffering from end-stage kidney failure. There is absolutely no way this would have been possible if I wasn’t sober. Grace House saved my life which helped me save my Mom. I will forever be grateful.

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