Holly M.

I came into the program emotionally drained, bitter, and angry. I dreaded any day ahead of me. I felt alone, helpless, and I was compassionless. My soul was in torment, my heart was broken, my mind was torn and tattered, and I was overflowing with shattered dreams of a brighter future for my child.  I lived in darkness. Through this journey of my new life in recovery, I’ve encountered many ups and downs, many trials, errors and lessons learned, and even more challenges of strength and courage. To my own surprise, I’m learning that with the strength I thought I lacked, I can do this. I can live a clean, sober, and healthy life for my family, for my child, but most importantly, for myself. So as I continue into this journey, I take it “One Day at a Time” as the program has taught me. Now, rather than dreading my days, I embrace each one with every bit of gratitude within me. There is a better path, and Grace House helped me to find it. Forever Grateful, Holly M.

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