I am more determined than ever

My name is Nicole.  I am originally from Chalmette.  I started using drugs when I was 21 years old; it started with drinking and smoking marijuana.  At the age of 26, I started doing hard drugs with my mother and sister.  It started with using pain pills, and then I graduated to crack.  In a matter of three months I had lost everything, including my soul. I got married to my husband and immediately starting lying to him about using.  I left home for weeks and weeks at a time. I began using so much that I left my husband’s house and my children to live on the streets.  I started selling my body for money for about a year.  I got so bad that I went to jail for prostitution twice.

Finally in 2011 I went to Grace House.  I stayed three months, and I then left the program.  Within a month I relapsed.  I did the same thing over again; sell my body, drink and not care about anything at all.  Finally on June 10, 2013 I became sober and came back to Grace House.  I am now two months clean and very determined to complete this program. This time I want it more than ever.  I’m learning how to cope with my problems.  I am paying more attention this time to my recovery.  I am learning who I am and I owe it to my counselors and to Grace House for believing in me today.  I also have faith in God that he will direct me in the right path.  I am more determined than ever to accomplish this road to recovery at Grace House.

Nicole M.

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