I just existed

I am no stranger to treatment centers and I’m no stranger to Grace House. I am 51 years old registered nurse, divorced and the mother of 3 wonderful kids.  I like to read, garden and decorate.  I volunteered at my kid’s schools and took them on vacation to the beach and the mountains.  I had a good life.  The problem, I was an addict/alcoholic.  The problem was me. I truly believe I was born an addict/alcoholic.  I’ve felt out of place my entire life, even as a small child.  I had lots of friends and a decent family life—I just never felt like I belonged.  I started drinking at the age of 16.  Drugs followed soon after.

This started the life I was to know for the next 35 years. I’ve been addicted to many different things-drugs, food, relationships and alcohol. No risk was too great.  I thought of no one but myself.  I was arrested 4 times.  My nursing license was suspended in 2006.  The last 3 arrest were for DUIs over a span of 14 months.  I entered my first residential treatment center in 2010.  I spent 95 days there but I wasn’t ready.  I didn’t change. In the following year I spiraled out of control, I lost my marriage, kids, parents, sisters, home, car, dogs… everything.  I was in legal trouble and financial ruin.  I had no self-respect, self-esteem or spiritual connection.  I just existed.

I entered Grace House for the first time in 2012.  I don’t know what it feels like to be dying but, I believe that is what was happening to me.  I was miserable and full of self-pity.  But with the support from the counselors and other staff, and my commitment to Grace House program, my life turned around.  I gained confidence and self-esteem.  I enjoy helping others.  I became a role model and a leader.  I gained a spiritual connection and knew peace and happiness for the first time in my life.  I had a job.  I had my kids and family back.  I felt like I belonged. I completed the program in May 2013.  I left with the tools and knowledge to be successful in sobriety, but I chose not to use them.  I let old relationships and habits back in and I relapsed quickly.

The consequences came just as quickly and they were more severe.  I sunk into a very lonely, dark, blackness. I admitted myself back into Grace House September 20, 2013, I was broken.  I was terrified-not of dying but of existing in the “black”.  I feared I would never again experience the place of happiness from the year before.  I remembered how good it felt.  My children and family were angry, hurt and disappointed. Once again I followed the suggestions of the G.H. program and I slowly emerged from the “black”.  I was honest with my counselor, participated in group and became active with my sponsor in A.A., mostly I prayed.  Slowly my confidence and self-esteem came back, replacing the shame and guilt.  My relationship with my kids and family improved. I have been here almost 5 months and my journey has not been without struggles.  I relapsed at about my 4th month, but by the grace of god and the support and understanding of the staff and my peers at Delchaise, I was allowed to stay.

For that and so much more, I will be forever grateful. Today, I am here at Grace House, and I’m sober. That peace and happiness is returning, just a bit slower than I’d like.  I live day by day and I know it’s not going to be easy.  I’m fighting for my life.  I’m going to do whatever it takes.  I’m being given all that is necessary to live a sober, productive life. I just need to do the work. I have confidence that I will use all the gifts that have been given to me by Grace House, my counselor, the staff, my peers, my sponsor, the AA Program, and—most important—God.  I will be successful in recovery and life.  I‘ll have all the peace and happiness I deserve. Karen H.

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