I Was Given Another Chance

My addiction led me to places that I never thought I would go: jail, living on the streets and no contact with my family or loved ones.  I came to Grace House homeless, hopeless and helpless.  I had nowhere to go, but I knew that I never wanted to live that way again.  I was given another chance.  I knew deep down that I deserved more and that I simply could not give up.  Grace House allowed me to see just how much I was worth and that I was not hopeless.  I listened to all of my counselors, did as I was told, got a sponsor and soon the promises that everyone spoke of started coming true. Grace House has turned my entire life around and offered me another chance at life.  I have achieved things that I once thought were impossible.  Not only that, but most importantly, I have established a relationship with my family again after no communication for 2 ½ years.  When I look back at where I once was compared to where I am now, the difference is indescribable.  Sobriety is an attainable goal and I know that now, thanks to all of the support from the program that saved my life.

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