John Michael W.

I entered Bridge House looking for a way to stop.  Stop using drugs, I initially thought.  In reality, my drug use was only a symptom of my deeper problem: Myself.  Selfish.  Lost.  Fearful.  At the age of 26, I was still wandering through life with absolutely no direction, other than the next high that would distract me from my seemingly unsolvable and ever-expanding problems.  I just couldn’t deal with life as it was.  I was a vampire, leeching the life out of all those in my life who were foolish enough to love me.  Bridge House isn’t just teaching me how to stop using drugs; it’s reconnecting me with God and helping me find a new happiness helping other people instead of hurting them.  I’ve only been in the program for 2 months now, but I’ve already attained a peace of mind I never before thought possible.  I now have hope of realizing my potential and being comfortable in my own skin, rather than comfortably numb. John Michael W.

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