Liz P.

I have to say that before I came to Grace House my life was a complete mess. At the age of 21 I have managed to total two cars while under the influence, obtain 3 DWI’s, drop out of college, lose my apartment, and ultimately lose respect from my family and friends. The sad thing is that up until the day I walked through the front door of Grace House, I was still in denial that I had a problem. I tried a few times to get into a 28 day program in my home state of North Carolina just to satisfy everyone around me. I believe my higher power prevented that from happening for a reason.

After a few failed attempts of getting into treatment in North Carolina, my aunt suggested I move to New Orleans and attend treatment at Grace House. I was against it, but I finally gave in because my options had run out. The day I stepped into Grace House I was not a happy camper. Being able to relate to each and everyone in treatment made me realize that I was no different than any of the other women. Underneath my pride and denial, I realized that I honestly needed this program and that for me, a 28 day program would have kept me sober …..only for those 28 days. I highly doubt it would have given me the strength to have a lifelong sobriety. Not only has this program showed me how much an alcoholic and addict I really am, it has given me the tools to live a happy, sober, and productive life and for that, I am truly grateful.Liz P.

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