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I Thought I Was Going to Die

Mike, Bridge House Resident

Three months ago, I had had enough. I came to Bridge House hoping, praying, and seeking a different life. I never thought I would find myself in such a situation. I was raised in a good family, I was educated, aware, yet as I have discovered alcoholism and addiction is no respecter of person.

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Michelle, Grace House Resident

Grace House has shown me the tools that I can use to continue living a clean and sober life. My new way of living is like a breath of fresh air. I also can now be the mother that my daughter deserves.

All Time Low

Chad. B, Bridge House Resident

I entered Bridge House as a total wreck and as a person with no direction in life. I had hit an all-time low, and the only thing that mattered to me was where and how I was going to get my next fix.

Bridge House Gave Me a Life Worth Living

Wirth, Bridge House Alumni

Too often I followed such visits to the rooms of AA with a stop at the bar, hoping to just have a couple to take the edge off the hangover that plagued my working hours, only to find myself in that dreaded cycle of not being able to stop after once feeling the effect of the first drink.

Eric L.

Eric L., Bridge House Resident

Every single relationship I ever had I destroyed. I could not keep a job. Before I slept under a bridge, I found Bridge House. This caring and educated environment is just what I needed.

David B.

David B., Bridge House Alumni

I arrived at Ms. Green’s office, completely exhausted, on January 7, 2007 and transitioned on January 10, 2008. I cannot truly express all that Bridge House did for me in that year. My parents were astonished and my stepmother (of 20 years) was truly meeting me for the first time.

Holly M.

Holly M., Grace House Resident

To my own surprise, I’m learning that with the strength I thought I lacked, I can do this. I can live a clean, sober, and healthy life for my family, for my child, but most importantly, for myself.


Jon, Bridge House Alumni

“I can’t do this alone.” These five words comprise the realization that set into motion a transition that changed my life. Years of struggle, pain, and angst had whittled my resolve down to a low the likes of which I had not known possible.

John Michael W.

John Michael W., Bridge House Resident

I entered Bridge House looking for a way to stop. Stop using drugs, I initially thought. In reality, my drug use was only a symptom of my deeper problem: Myself. Selfish. Lost. Fearful.

Nicole M.

Nicole M., Grace House Resident

I lost my job and realized I really needed help before I lost my daughter, my home, my car, and my life. Grace House was recommended to me by a good friend and also my therapist.

Liz P.

Liz P., Grace House Resident

The day I stepped into Grace House I was not a happy camper. Being able to relate to each and everyone in treatment made me realize that I was no different than any of the other women. Underneath my pride and denial, I realized that I honestly needed this program and that for me, a 28 day program would have kept me sober …..only for those 28 days.


Chad, Bridge House Resident

I almost gave up on myself, but with the help of my family and Bridge House I found a solution. I am grateful for a place Like Bridge house that continues to give me tools to help me grow in my recovery.


Thomas, Bridge House Alumni

I am finally, truly learning the way to uphold sobriety, learning to be a productive member of society, a good husband and a healthy father. I am looking forward to the rest of my life thanks to this facility and the support that comes with it.


Alex L., Bridge House Resident

I lived in hell for so long and finally have a taste of heaven. For so long I hated myself and now finally have confidence and self-worth. Peace of mind is my new drug of choice and working a program of recovery is the only way I can keep it.

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