Broken, beaten, and scarred is an accurate description of my state of being upon checking myself into the Bridge House on that first day of the rest of my life, July 14th, 2010. Born the oldest of 4, into a caring, supportive, Native New Orleans family, I found myself fortunate growing up. I had every advantage of living an abundant life, and it seemed to be headed in that direction. I attended some of the best schools, and recognized I had been awarded some God given talents in academics and art. By the middle of college years, as I pursued a degree in Fine Arts from UNO my family recognized something in me I could not see myself.

They expressed concern for my drinking habits and warned me to keep it in check. It was at this time I began the great denial. This unfortunate denial of having the disease of alcoholism began to manifest in my life over and over, wreaking havoc upon my every pursuit, however earnest. Relationship after relationship, and one family member at a time I watched hopelessly as they went away, as did career opportunities and eventually my morals. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I finally gave in to reality somewhat, and began to try to do something about this ailment and the destructive behaviors I was carrying out. After trying outpatient or 28 day treatments   3 times without any success in ongoing recovery, frustration brought unending depression. With my life at risk, a new child on the way, and the fate of my career in photography at risk, I am humbly and graciously accepting the gift of this long term treatment at the Bridge House. I am finally, truly learning the way to uphold sobriety, learning to be a productive member of society, a good husband and a healthy father. I am looking forward to the rest of my life thanks to this facility and the support that comes with it.

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