“We Do Recover”

I’ve been clean and sober for 9.5 years but when I hear about how stong heroin is when laced with fentanyl, my initial thought is still, man I wish I could have tried that. Even though I know it is killing people and has killed or almost killed so many people that I know. This is a powerful drug and an even more powerful disease we are battling.

I didn’t start out using heroin, not many people do. I started drinking and smoking weed which then led to stronger substances. But, once I started shooting up heroin, that was it for me. Heroin overruled my need for water and food. It was all I wanted and all I cared about.

I don’t know why I was given the Grace to survive, and others aren’t. It is still hard to believe that I made it out alive. Sometimes, it’s even hard to believe that I used to be addicted to heroin, stealing from everyone who loved me and hurting them repeatedly. I do know that I do not take this life for granted and try every day to make it mean something, to give something back.

Bridge House / Grace House was the beginning of my new self and my new life. I learned so many things in treatment and then as an employee for almost 9 years. I was able to restore my self-esteem, sense of self-worth, health, and relationships with their help. I don’t have the words to truly express what my Bridge House / Grace House family has done for me. And not only me but my mother, father, brother, and everyone else in my life today. I have a new baby nephew and I am so grateful he will only know the sober Lauren, as long as I continue to take care of my sobriety by practicing a 12-step program. I have eight other children who call me Aunt Lauren, and I look forward to being a positive influence in all their lives. You gave me the gift of a lifetime through Bridge House / Grace House. Thank, forever and ever.

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