Bridge House Resident

“I pulled myself up…”

Brett J., Bridge House Resident

“I remember waking up one day by the New Orleans Mission, sleeping on the cold hard concrete listening to the cars pass overhead. I asked myself, “How did you ever let yourself get to this point?” I never realized at that time that I had a disease.”

I just couldn’t break the cycle

Don T., Bridge House Resident

In the beginning, things were good. I had lots of money, lots of drugs, and, of course, lots of women. My work took me to places most people never dreamed of. To stand on The Polar Ice Cap or next to the Crucifix in Rio were magnificent adventures to me. These experiences were never ending in my life. So was the cocaine.

I was completely out of options

Corey S., Bridge House Resident

My name is Corey. I am 33 years old, and I am an alcoholic. I took my first drink at a very young age. I was 10 the first time I got drunk. I certainly didn’t drink all the time back then, but I probably thought about it every day—I couldn’t wait for the next

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I was finally facing the root of my issues

Shane, Bridge House Resident

I am a 29 year old alcoholic/drug addict, and I have been battling with addiction since I was about 13 years old. For many years, I thought that my life was manageable—up until about eight years ago when things started to really spiral out of control.

I pulled myself up

Brett J., Bridge House Resident

Alcohol and drugs were my solution for many years, but, somewhere down the line, it had turned its back on me. By working the steps and building my support group in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous, I began to learn how to deal with everyday life issues that I would normally get intoxicated over.

I have never felt so lost and forgotten

Nicholas B., Bridge House Resident

In the humid presence of mid-morning, the shrieking howl of the Steamboat Natchez was my daily reveille. Noisome refuse washed up by the Mississippi would induce in me a sensation of nausea, which would linger until, clambering out of my living quarters beneath the wharf, I had procured a bottle of whiskey and drained it of its contents.

Life Worth Living

Jason H., Bridge House Resident

I reached a point of hopelessness and misery before I came into Bridge House. I would pray every night that I wouldn’t wake up the next morning. I was consumed by anger, fear, resentment, guilt and shame.

I Thought I Was Going to Die

Mike, Bridge House Resident

Three months ago, I had had enough. I came to Bridge House hoping, praying, and seeking a different life. I never thought I would find myself in such a situation. I was raised in a good family, I was educated, aware, yet as I have discovered alcoholism and addiction is no respecter of person.

All Time Low

Chad. B, Bridge House Resident

I entered Bridge House as a total wreck and as a person with no direction in life. I had hit an all-time low, and the only thing that mattered to me was where and how I was going to get my next fix.

Eric L.

Eric L., Bridge House Resident

Every single relationship I ever had I destroyed. I could not keep a job. Before I slept under a bridge, I found Bridge House. This caring and educated environment is just what I needed.

John Michael W.

John Michael W., Bridge House Resident

I entered Bridge House looking for a way to stop. Stop using drugs, I initially thought. In reality, my drug use was only a symptom of my deeper problem: Myself. Selfish. Lost. Fearful.


Chad, Bridge House Resident

I almost gave up on myself, but with the help of my family and Bridge House I found a solution. I am grateful for a place Like Bridge house that continues to give me tools to help me grow in my recovery.


Alex L., Bridge House Resident

I lived in hell for so long and finally have a taste of heaven. For so long I hated myself and now finally have confidence and self-worth. Peace of mind is my new drug of choice and working a program of recovery is the only way I can keep it.

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