Grace House Resident

A Life Changing Experience

Nancy, Grace House Resident

I became a prisoner to alcohol and my life fell to pieces. I was hopeless, tired, confused, angry, sick and very unhealthy. My parents took over my role as parent to my children. I drank all day, every day until I passed out. My family no longer talked to me.

The Greatest Gift

Laura L, Grace House Resident

My addiction started at a young age. I am the only person in my immediate family that struggles with addiction. I grew up in a great family. My parents have never divorced and I have two older successful brothers. I was addicted to heroin and crack cocaine. My addiction was very powerful and dark. It

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They saw something in me that I didn’t

Nikki W., Grace House Resident

I came to Grace House because I needed help—help from myself. I didn’t know who I was. I was like a kid lost without a parent. I had nowhere to turn and was hopeless. I thought I found myself in a bottle or in pills. Really, all I was doing was hiding my pain, my

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I felt as if drinking was the only thing that kept me sane

Ashley F., Grace House Resident

When I first choose to drank, I was 13 years old. I had just been accepted into the first 8th grade class at my high school, and I was heavily involved with my ballet studio. There was a student at my studio, who was also a senior at my high school, and instead of taking her freshman little sister out for a traditional night on the town, she chose me.

I have been given the gift of a new life

Dawn F., Grace House Resident

After struggling for years with anxiety, depression and a severe addiction to alcohol, I was led by my higher power to Grace House on April 25, 2014—where I entered into treatment for the first time. My parents divorced when I was five years old. I was raised by my grandmother until the age of eighteen.

I just existed

Karen H., Grace House Resident

I had lots of friends and a decent family life—I just never felt like I belonged. I started drinking at the age of 16. Drugs followed soon after. This started the life I was to know for the next 35 years. I’ve been addicted to many different things-drugs, food, relationships and alcohol.

I needed to go back to Grace House

Rhonda S., Grace House Resident

When my oldest son was six months old I injured my back and was prescribed narcotic pain medication. At this time of my life I was a stay at home mom in a happy marriage. Eventually I became addicted to the pills.

Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Michelle, Grace House Resident

Grace House has shown me the tools that I can use to continue living a clean and sober life. My new way of living is like a breath of fresh air. I also can now be the mother that my daughter deserves.

Holly M.

Holly M., Grace House Resident

To my own surprise, I’m learning that with the strength I thought I lacked, I can do this. I can live a clean, sober, and healthy life for my family, for my child, but most importantly, for myself.

Nicole M.

Nicole M., Grace House Resident

I lost my job and realized I really needed help before I lost my daughter, my home, my car, and my life. Grace House was recommended to me by a good friend and also my therapist.

Liz P.

Liz P., Grace House Resident

The day I stepped into Grace House I was not a happy camper. Being able to relate to each and everyone in treatment made me realize that I was no different than any of the other women. Underneath my pride and denial, I realized that I honestly needed this program and that for me, a 28 day program would have kept me sober …..only for those 28 days.


Tywana L., Grace House Resident

From the moment I walked into Grace House, I was welcomed with love and acceptance, which allowed me to love and accept me for the person I always thought I was.

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